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elope to run away and marry in secret.
equip to provide with what is needed to complete a task.
espouse to take up, hold, or commit oneself to (a cause, idea, or belief); embrace. [2 definitions]
estop in law, to hinder or prevent (someone) from asserting a claim or fact that is inconsistent with a previous assertion of fact.
eye the organ of the body that gives animals sight, and the area close around it. [5 definitions]
eye-opener a piece of news or an experience that startles or enlightens. [2 definitions]
one-up to surpass (someone) in order not to be bettered or lose face.
overtop to be or go above the top of. [2 definitions]
pep (informal) lively energy or spirit. [2 definitions]
pip4 to make a noise of or like that of a baby bird; chirp; peep. [3 definitions]
poop2 (informal) to cause to become exhausted.
pop1 to make a short, sharp sound. [9 definitions]
pup a young dog; puppy. [2 definitions]
unpeople to empty (an area, region, or the like) of people; depopulate.
yap to bark with sharp, high sounds. [3 definitions]
yelp to cry out or bark quickly and sharply. [2 definitions]
yip to bark quickly and sharply, as a puppy does. [2 definitions]