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-morph one that has (such) a form, shape, or structure.
-morphic having (such) a form or shape.
-mouthed having (such) a mouth, voice, way of speaking, or the like.
form structure or shape. [8 definitions]
march to walk with steady, regular steps together with others. [4 definitions]
mire deep, heavy mud or soil. [7 definitions]
moo to make the long, low sound of a cow. [2 definitions]
mooch (slang) to get by begging, or by borrowing without intending to repay or return. [5 definitions]
moor2 to fix in place with cables or lines. [2 definitions]
mop a tool with rags, a sponge, or yarn attached to one end of a long handle. A mop is used to wash floors or decks. [3 definitions]
mope to act dull and sad; sulk; pout. [2 definitions]
moped a heavy bicycle fitted with a motor that does not have much power.
morph to change from one form or state to another; transform.
morpheme in linguistics, a word or word element that cannot be divided into smaller meaningful grammatical units. (See allomorph.)
Morpheus in Greek mythology, the god personifying dreams, and the son of Hypnos or Sleep.
morphine a drug derived from opium and used as a sedative or anesthetic.
morpho- form; structure.
mourn to feel or act very sad because of a death or great loss; grieve. [2 definitions]
mouth the opening in the face through which one eats, breathes, and makes sounds. [6 definitions]
move to change position or place. [11 definitions]