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antic (usu. pl.) playful or funny actions; pranks. [5 definitions]
cyanosis the medical condition of bluish skin caused by lack of oxygen in the blood.
gnostic of, pertaining to, or having knowledge, esp. spiritual understanding. [3 definitions]
noetic of or pertaining to the intellect; understood only by the mind or through the reasoning process.
ontic having true and ultimate existence.
phonetic relating to the method of representing speech sounds by symbols. [2 definitions]
Sinitic a branch of the Sino-Tibetan family of languages that includes Chinese. [2 definitions]
sonic of or related to audible sound or sound waves. [2 definitions]
stenosis in medicine, constriction or narrowing of a vessel, duct, tubular passage, or the like.
syndic one who represents and does business on behalf of an institution, esp. a university. [2 definitions]
synodical of or pertaining to a synod; synodal. [2 definitions]
synoptic of or indicating a synopsis; forming a summary or overview. [2 definitions]
Zend a Middle Persian translation and interpretation of the Avesta.
zeolite any of a group of naturally hydrated aluminum silicates that readily gain or lose water of hydration. [2 definitions]
Zionism an international Jewish movement formerly for reestablishing in Palestine a Jewish national homeland, and now for supporting and developing it.
zoophyte any of various invertebrate animals that resemble a plant, such as a coral or sponge.
zygote a cell formed by the union of two gametes or sex cells. [2 definitions]