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auction bridge a version of bridge in which players bid for the right to specify which suit will be trump, any extra tricks won beyond the contract being scored toward a game.
bascule bridge a bridge that is counterweighted for ease of raising and lowering.
cantilever bridge a bridge consisting of two beams or cantilevers that project toward each other and are joined to form a span.
contract bridge a form of bridge in which only the number of tricks named in the contract may count toward a game, the excess tricks counting as a bonus score. (Cf. auction bridge.)
flying bridge a small, often open platform over the pilothouse or bridge of a ship, that is equipped with a duplicate set of controls.
suspension bridge a bridge suspended from cables that are anchored at either end and usu. supported by towers.
toll bridge a bridge at which one must pay a toll in order to cross.
truss bridge a bridge in which the load is supported mostly by trusses.