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close call (informal) a narrow escape from danger, failure, detection, or the like.
close in to come near to something or someone, as during a chase or race.
close in on to come near to or surround in order to capture.
close quarters a narrow, confined space. [2 definitions]
close shave (informal) danger narrowly avoided.
close-fisted not generous, esp. with money; stingy; miserly.
close-fitting of a garment, adhering closely to the contours of the body.
close-grained of wood or the like, having a smooth hard texture.
close-hauled with the sails trimmed very flat for sailing as close as possible to the wind.
close-knit closely joined or organized; bonded tightly.
close-mouthed saying little; not talkative; reticent.
close-set being near to one another, or having parts or elements placed near to one another.
close-up a picture taken very close to someone or something to show details. Close-ups are taken in still photographs and films for television and movies.