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crab apple a small, hard, sour apple used for making jelly. [2 definitions]
crab grass any of several wild, coarse grasses that easily root, spread, and displace other plants and grasses, esp. in cultivated lawns.
crab louse a louse that infests the human pubic area or armpit and causes severe itching.
fiddler crab any of various small burrowing crabs found along coastal regions, the male of which has one front claw much larger than the other.
flowering crab any of several varieties of crab apple that flower profusely in the spring.
hermit crab any of numerous crabs that have soft unprotected abdomens and that live in the discarded shells of mollusks such as snails.
horseshoe crab any of various hard-shelled sea crabs, having a united head and body of horseshoe shape and a long, stiff, pointed tail.
king crab a large crab of North Pacific waters that is valued for its edible flesh; Alaskan king crab. [2 definitions]
oyster crab a small crab that lives as a commensal inside the gill cavities of living oysters and clams.
palm crab a large land-dwelling crab of the South Pacific that feeds on coconuts.