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Deep South the southeastern U.S. region, esp. Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana, considered most typically Southern.
deep structure in transformational grammar, the abstract syntactic pattern that underlies the construction and interpretation of a sentence.
deep-dish pie a pie, usu. of fruit, baked in a deep dish, often with a crust only on the top.
deep-freeze to freeze (food) for storage. [2 definitions]
deep-fry to fry in a deep pan with enough fat or oil to cover what is being cooked.
deep-rooted firmly implanted or established.
deep-sea associated with or occurring in the deeper parts of the sea; deepwater.
deep-seated firmly established; ingrained.
deep-set set far in; deeply set. [2 definitions]
deep-six (informal) to cast overboard. [2 definitions]
in deep water having great difficulties or trouble.
knee-deep deep enough to reach the knees. [3 definitions]
rapture of the deep the early stage of nitrogen narcosis, a condition experienced by deep-sea divers under increased air pressure that resembles the sensation of intoxication.
skin-deep being only as deep as the skin. [2 definitions]