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boil down to decrease something by boiling. [2 definitions]
break down to stop or stop working. [2 definitions]
burn down to destroy by burning.
crack down on to treat more harshly or strictly.
down the drain to no good purpose; wasted.
hand down to give to one's children or from one generation to another.
knock down to make a person or object that had been standing fall to the ground.
knuckle down to start working in a serious manner.
let down to fail to satisfy; disappoint.
look down one's nose at to feel that one is better than or superior to.
put down to write down. [2 definitions]
run down to look over; review. [2 definitions]
run-down in poor condition. [3 definitions]
settle down to adopt a quieter and more stable way of living. [2 definitions]
shut down to stop the operation of something.
simmer down to become calmer after some excitement.
stare down to try to frighten or make uncomfortable by staring at.
take down a peg to make humbler.
tear down to destroy or demolish.
thumbs-down a sign or gesture that shows disapproval, dissatisfaction, or disagreement.