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black duck a dark brown pond duck of northeastern North America. [2 definitions]
cold duck a beverage made of an equal mixture of champagne and sparkling burgundy.
dead duck (informal) a person or thing that is too deteriorated or ruined to be helped or saved, or that is sure to suffer ruin or failure.
duck-billed of an animal, having a broad, flat snout shaped like a duck's bill.
duck-billed dinosaur any dinosaur of the Hadrosauridae family, having a broad, flat snout for grazing.
lame duck an elected official or group of officials serving in public office during the period between an unsuccessful or unattempted reelection and the inauguration of a successor. [2 definitions]
Muscovy duck a large crested duck of the Western Hemisphere that has been widely domesticated.
ring-necked duck a dark North American duck, the male of which has a faint, copper-colored ring around the neck.
ruddy duck a North American duck, the male of which has a reddish brown neck and upper plumage, a black crown, and white cheeks.
sitting duck an especially vulnerable person or thing; easy target.
wood duck a brightly colored North American duck that nests in trees, often near woodland ponds or lakes.