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chemical engineering the professional, scientific, or industrial use of chemistry and chemical products; technology of chemistry.
civil engineering the branch of engineering concerned with designing, building, or repairing roads, bridges, tunnels, and other public works.
flight engineer the member of a flight crew who handles the mechanical aspects of a flight.
genetic engineering the science or practice of altering the genetic code transmitted by living organisms by splicing and recombining specific genetic units from their DNA.
sanitary engineering the branch of civil engineering that deals with public waste disposal, water supply, and the like.
social engineering the application to social problems of methods that are considered to be similar to those of engineering in their practicality, efficiency, and moral neutrality.
stationary engineer a person who operates and maintains stationary engines, such as generators, and other mechanical equipment.
systems engineering a branch of engineering that makes use of computer science and systems analysis to put together efficient operating procedures for certain networks or complexes.