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false arrest the illegal restraint or detention of a person by another who claims to have legal authority, usu. a police officer.
false bottom a concealed compartment in the bottom of a box, suitcase, or the like.
false face a mask, usu. comical or grotesque, that covers the entire face.
false imprisonment any illegal detention or confinement, usu. the result of false arrest.
false keel a narrow strip attached below a ship's main keel for protection and added stability.
false pretenses intentional misrepresentation of facts, as for purposes of fraud.
false rib any of the lower five pairs of ribs that are not attached to the breastbone. (Cf. true rib.)
false step a stumble. [2 definitions]
false teeth an artificial set of teeth; dentures.
false-hearted inclined to deceit and treachery.
play someone false to betray or deceive someone.
true-false test a test of knowledge or opinions that consists of statements to be read and marked as true or false.