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Federal Bureau of Investigation a U.S. agency of the Justice Department responsible for investigating violations of federal criminal law.
Federal Communications Commission a U.S. agency whose duty is to regulate the various communications industries including telephone, radio and television, and satellites.
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation a U.S. governmental agency that insures deposits in member commercial banks up to a certain amount to protect the public against a bank's failure, and can act to prevent a bank's failure. (abbr.: FDIC)
Federal Insurance Contributions Act a federal tax law requiring employers to withhold a certain amount from employees' paychecks or wages for deposit in governmental accounts that fund Social Security. (abbr.: FICA)
Federal Reserve Bank any of twelve central district banks in the U.S. Federal Reserve System.
Federal Reserve note U.S. paper currency in various denominations issued by a Federal Reserve Bank.
Federal Reserve System a U.S. federal banking system that sets interest rates and regulates the flow of money.
federal revenue monies obtained by the U.S. federal government through taxation and investment.
Federal Trade Commission a U.S. agency whose duty is to investigate and prosecute illegal interstate trade practices such as false advertising and price-fixing.