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cardinal flower a plant of eastern North America that grows in moist ground or shallow water. [2 definitions]
disk flower any of the small tubular tightly packed flowers making up the center of the flower head of certain composite plants, such as the aster or daisy.
flower bed a plot of cultivated earth where flowers are planted and grown.
flower child a youth of the 1960s who protested against materialism and militarism in the United States, and who espoused communal ideals; hippie.
flower girl a young girl who carries bridal flowers in a wedding procession.
moccasin flower any of several orchids of North America, esp. the lady's-slipper.
pinxter flower a variety of wild azalea bearing sweet-smelling pink flowers.
ray flower any of the flowers around the border of the head of a composite plant such as the daisy.
trumpet flower any of several plants with trumpet-shaped flowers, such as the trumpet creeper, or such a flower itself.
wildflower a wild, flowering plant that grows in meadows, woods, or other natural areas.