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cold front the advancing edge of a mass of cold dense air as it displaces warmer air.
front burner (informal) the state of top priority or principal consideration (usu. prec. by "on the").
front money money that is paid in advance, esp. to start a project.
front office the administrative office of a company or organization, or its executive officers or management.
front-load to assign the bulk of the expense or benefit of a financial process to its early stages. [2 definitions]
front-page important enough to print or report on the first page of a newspaper.
front-runner one who leads in a competition, such as a runner in a footrace or a candidate for political office.
front-wheel drive a car design in which only the front wheels get driving power from the engine.
home front the civilian population or location during a time of war abroad conceived of an assisting force or as an additional theater of war in which the "combatants" do not actually fight but engage in activities that support those who do.
in front of directly ahead of in place or position.
National Liberation Front a revolutionary, often violent, political group, esp. such a group formerly active in South Vietnam.
occluded front the air front formed when a cold front overtakes a warm front, forcing it upward.
people's front see popular front.
popular front a political coalition of various leftist and centrist parties struggling against fascism and promoting social reform.
sea front a part of a town or city on the edge of the sea, esp. a resort; waterfront.
up-front frank; forthcoming. [4 definitions]
warm front the advancing edge of a mass of warm air that rises over colder air, usu. causing steady precipitation.