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golden age (sometimes cap.) in Greek and Roman mythology, the first age of humans, in which people lived peacefully, prosperously, and innocently. [3 definitions]
golden ager (informal) an elderly person, esp. one who has retired or is of retirement age.
golden calf according to the Old Testament, a gold statue of a calf that the Israelites worshiped while Moses was on Mount Sinai. [2 definitions]
Golden Delicious a variety of yellow apple grown esp. in the United States, or the tree that bears this fruit.
golden eagle a large eagle that has golden brown feathers on its head and neck and is found in the mountainous areas of the Northern Hemisphere.
Golden Fleece in Greek mythology, the fleece of a golden, winged ram which is the object of the expedition of Jason and the Argonauts. [2 definitions]
golden handshake (informal) an amount of money or other special incentive offered to an employee as an inducement to retire early.
golden mean the prudent, moderate course between extremes; happy medium. [2 definitions]
golden oldie (informal) a song, record, movie, or the like that was very popular in the past and continues to be so.
golden parachute (informal) a contract or agreement that guarantees top executives of a company severance pay or other compensation in the event that they lose their jobs as a result of an acquisition by or merger with another company, or the severance pay so offered.
golden retriever any of an English breed of large hunting dog with long ears and a thick, wavy, reddish or golden coat.
golden rule a rule of conduct that is usu. phrased "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you".
golden section in mathematics and the fine arts, a relationship between two dimensions of a plane figure, or two segments of a line, such that the ratio of the smaller to the larger is the same as that of the larger to the sum of the two, or about .62 to 1.00.
golden wedding a fiftieth wedding anniversary.