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chicken hawk any of various hawks that prey or are thought to prey on barnyard fowl, esp. chickens.
fish hawk the osprey.
hawk moth any of various moths with a thick body, long, slender wings, and a long feeding tube used for sipping nectar from flowers while in flight; sphinx moth.
hawk-eyed having extremely keen eyesight.
marsh hawk see "northern harrier."
pigeon hawk a small falcon that is closely related to the European merlin.
rough-legged hawk a type of large hawk with dark plumage and whitish feathers covering its legs.
sharp-shinned hawk a small North American hawk that has short wings and a long tail and that feeds mainly on birds and small animals.
sparrow hawk a small North American falcon; kestrel. [2 definitions]
war hawk one who advocates war, esp. any member of the twelfth U.S. Congress who favored war; hawk.