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dead heat a race that ends in a tie between two or more contestants.
heat exchanger a device, such as automobile radiator, for transferring heat from a fluid on one side of a barrier to a fluid on the other side.
heat exhaustion a condition caused by excessive heat and characterized by dizziness, nausea, profuse sweating, and often complete collapse; heat prostration.
heat lightning lightning without thunder, seen esp. on hot evenings and believed to be reflections of more distant lightning.
heat prostration see "heat exhaustion."
heat pump a device for heating or cooling a building by transferring heat from a low-temperature reservoir by means of a compressor and a heat exchanger.
heat rash an acute skin condition resulting from inflammation of the sweat glands; miliaria.
heat up to make or become warm or hot. [2 definitions]
heat wave a period of unusually hot weather.
prickly heat inflammation of the sweat glands; miliaria.
red heat the temperature at which something glows red.
steam heat heat obtained by the circulation of steam in a closed system of pipes and radiators.
white heat a heat so intense that a substance glows white. [2 definitions]