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canonical hour any of seven periods of the day, such as vespers, set apart for the recitation of certain prayers, psalms, or the like in many Christian churches; divine office. [2 definitions]
half-hour a period of time lasting thirty minutes. [4 definitions]
happy hour a period of one or two hours in the late afternoon during which some bars offer reduced prices on drinks.
hour hand the shorter hand on a watch or a clock, which moves around the entire face twice a day and indicates the hour.
kilowatt-hour a unit of electrical energy equal to one kilowatt operating for one hour. (abbr.: kwh, kWh)
man-hour a unit of industrial time or production equal to the amount of work one person can or does produce in one hour.
quarter-hour a period of fifteen minutes. [2 definitions]
rush hour a period of peak traffic, usu. in the morning and late afternoon, when many people are on their way to or from work.
watt-hour a unit of electrical energy equal to the energy of one watt operating for one hour, or 3,600 joules.
zero hour the time at which a military attack or other operation is scheduled to begin. [2 definitions]