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lay analyst a psychoanalyst who has no medical degree.
lay claim to to declare one's right to or ownership of.
lay day any of several days allowed for loading or unloading a ship without extra charge.
lay eyes on to get a view of; see.
lay figure a jointed, usu. wooden model of the human body, used by artists as a substitute for a live model.
lay of the land the existing circumstances or state of affairs.
lay off to cease employing (someone).
lay out to spread or arrange for viewing or consideration. [2 definitions]
lay siege to to begin a forceful and persistent attack on (a city or fortification) that includes the surrounding and cutting off from supplies.
lay (something) to rest to end or resolve a matter. [2 definitions]
lay waste to destroy; devastate.
layperson a person who is a member of a religious congregation but not of the clergy. [2 definitions]
re-lay to lay again or in another way.