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a leg to stand on a valid or convincing basis for a point of view.
an arm and a leg (informal) a very large amount of money, in the speaker's opinion.
gate-leg table a table with gatelike leg units that swing out from the frame to support hinged leaves.
leg warmers a pair of tubular coverings for the legs, usu. knitted from wool or the like, used esp. to keep the legs warm while exercising or dancing.
leg-of-mutton having a shape similar to a leg of mutton, esp. designating the sleeves of some garments that puff at the shoulder and narrow at the wrist.
milk leg a painful swelling in a woman's leg occurring after childbirth, caused by clotting or inflammation of the veins.
pay an arm and a leg (informal) to pay a lot of money, much more than one wishes to spend.
peg leg (informal) a wooden leg. [2 definitions]