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coup de main blow from the hand (French); a surprise attack or sudden action against an enemy.
gas main a large pipe that conducts gas into smaller pipes.
in the main for the most part; mainly; chiefly.
main clause in grammar, esp. in a sentence that contains more than one clause, a clause that can function by itself as a sentence; independent clause.
main drag (slang) the main street of a town.
main stem (informal) the principal street in a town or the main line of a railroad.
main yard the lowest transverse spar or pole on the mainmast, used to set the mainsail on a sailing vessel.
main-topmast the section of the mainmast on a sailing vessel that is positioned between the top and lower masts.
main-topsail the sail set above the mainsail on the main-topmast of a vessel.
Spanish Main formerly, the coastal region of northern South America. [2 definitions]
water main the main pipe in an underground system of pipes that conveys water.
with might and main with all available strength and power.