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Grand Master the head of a military or fraternal order. [2 definitions]
harbor master an official who supervises harbor operations and enforces regulations governing harbor use.
master bedroom the largest bedroom in a home, or one with a special feature such as a fireplace or attached bathroom. A master bedroom is usually used by adults and not children.
master builder a skilled building contractor or architect, often the supervisor of construction operations and crew.
master class a small class for very advanced students, esp. a class in musical performance taught by a master musician.
master hand an expert. [2 definitions]
master key a key that will open all the locks in a given set, though the keys to these locks are not alike.
master mechanic a highly skilled mechanic, esp. one who supervises other mechanics.
Master of Arts a graduate degree, below that of doctor, that is given by a college or university to a person who has completed a prescribed course of graduate study in the humanities or social sciences; master's degree. (abbr.: M.A.)
master of ceremonies one who hosts a formal event or entertainment, usu. making speeches or announcing guests; emcee.
Master of Science a master's degree awarded usu. in science, technology, or mathematics. (abbr.: M.S.)
master sergeant in the U.S. military, a noncommissioned officer of high rank, second only to the rank of sergeant major.
master-at-arms in the U.S. Navy, a petty officer whose duty is to keep order and maintain discipline on board a ship or at a shore station.
masterstroke an extremely clever or skillful action or accomplishment.
old master any of the great European painters of earlier periods, esp. between the fifteenth and eighteenth centuries. [2 definitions]
past master a person who has a great deal of skill, expertise, or experience at some craft, art, or the like.