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alkali metal any of a group of highly reactive chemical elements, such as sodium and potassium, that are typically univalent cations forming various compounds, but that can be isolated as soft, low-density metals.
alkaline-earth metal any of a group of highly reactive chemical elements, such as calcium and magnesium, that are typically divalent cations and form compounds with various other elements.
Babbitt metal a soft white metal alloy of tin, copper, and antimony that is used as a lining to reduce friction in bearings.
Britannia metal an alloy of tin, copper, antimony, and other metals, similar to pewter and used for tableware.
Dutch metal an alloy of copper and zinc, thin sheets of which resemble gold leaf.
expanded metal sheet metal that has been stamped or cut into a latticelike form and stretched, used to reinforce concrete.
heavy metal a variety of rock music featuring highly amplified sound and insistent rhythms.
metal detector a device that detects and signals the presence of metal objects and is used to discover concealed weapons at a security point or locate buried coins and the like.
metal lath lath made of expanded metal.
rare-earth metal any of the series of chemical elements, all metals, that have from fifty-seven to seventy-one protons per atom; lanthanide series.
sheet metal metal that has been rolled into thin sheets or plates.
type metal an alloy of tin, lead, and antimony, used in making printing types.
yellow metal a yellow alloy made of copper and zinc; Muntz metal. [2 definitions]