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cranial nerve any of the twelve paired nerves, such as the optic and auditory nerves, that extend from the stem of the brain through openings in the skull.
nerve block a local anesthetic that works by temporarily deadening a particular nerve, usu. administered by injection into or next to the nerve.
nerve cell a neuron.
nerve center a group of closely connected nerve cells that performs a particular function. [2 definitions]
nerve gas any poisonous gas that attacks the nervous system.
nerve impulse an electrochemical signal that moves along a stimulated nerve fiber.
nerve-racking inflicting great strain or irritation on one's patience, courage, or the like.
olfactory nerve either of the first pair of cranial nerves that transmit nerve impulses from the mucous membrane in the nose to the forebrain.
optic nerve either one of the two nerves that connect the retinas of the eyes to the brain.
trigeminal nerve either one of the fifth pair of cranial nerves that conduct impulses from the head and face to the brain.