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brand-new having never been used before; completely new. [2 definitions]
New Brunswick a province in southeastern Canada. Its capital is Fredericton.
New England the six states in the northeastern corner of the United States; Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine.
New Hampshire a state in the northeastern United States. Its capital is Concord. (abbreviated: NH)
New Jersey a state in the eastern United States on the Atlantic Coast. Its capital is Trenton. (abbreviated: NJ)
New Mexico a state in the southwestern United States. Its capital is Santa Fe. (abbreviated: NM)
new moon the phase of the moon when it cannot be seen because it passes directly between the sun and the earth.
New Testament the books of the Christian Bible that tell of the life and works of Jesus Christ and his apostles.
New word. Needs Spanish and Chinese. in a manner that shows a strong rejection of something or an unwillingness to obey.
New World the Western Hemisphere. North and South America make up the New World.
new year's day the first day of the new year, January 1.
New York a state in the eastern United States. Its capital is Albany. (abbreviated: NY) [2 definitions]
New York City a metropolis in the southeast corner of New York State.
New Zealand a country on two large islands and a number of small islands in the South Pacific, southeast of Australia. Wellington is the capital of New Zealand.
Papua New Guinea a country on the eastern part of the island of New Guinea in the Pacific Ocean. Port Moresby is the capital of Papua New Guinea.
turn over a new leaf to change one's behavior for the better; make a new start.