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North America the third largest continent. North America is between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. It is in the Western Hemisphere.
North American of or having to do with North America, or its people or languages. [2 definitions]
North Carolina a state in the southeastern United States on the Atlantic Coast. Its capital is Raleigh. (abbreviated: NC)
North Dakota a state in the north central United States. Its capital is Bismarck. (abbreviated: ND)
North Korea a country on the eastern coast of Asia. North Korea is also called the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. P'Yongyang is the capital of North Korea.
North Macedonia a country in southeastern Europe north of Greece. North Macedonia is also called the Republic of North Macedonia. Skopje is the capital of North Macedonia.
North Pole the point on the earth's surface that is farthest north. The North Pole is intersected by the northern end of the earth's axis.
North Sea a sea that is part of the Atlantic Ocean. It lies between Great Britain, Scandinavia, and the north coast of the European mainland.
North Star a bright star in the constellation Ursa Minor; Polaris.