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call number a series of numbers or numbers and letters used to locate a book in a library.
cardinal number any number used to indicate how many. One, three, and fifteen are cardinal numbers.
mixed number a number made up of a whole number and a fraction.
number plate the British word for a small metal sign on a car, truck, or other vehicle indicating that the vehicle is legal to drive on public roads. Number plate has the same meaning as license plate.
ordinal number any number that indicates a position in a numbered order. "First," "third," "fifteenth," and "thousandth" are ordinal numbers.
prime number a number that can be evenly divided only by itself or by one. Two and eleven are prime numbers.
round number a number given in terms of the nearest whole number, or given in the nearest tens, hundreds, or the like. The number 50 is a round number for 47.
whole number a counting number or zero. 1, 5, 15, and 258 are examples of whole numbers.