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comic opera an opera or operetta, usu. humorous, with some spoken dialogue, and a happy ending.
grand opera a usu. serious opera that has the entire text set to music.
light opera a short, comic, musical play; operetta.
Metropolitan Opera a U.S. opera company of world renown located in New York City.
opéra bouffe a comic, farcical, or satirical opera.
opéra comique opera with spoken dialogue in addition to musical solos and ensembles.
opera glasses a small pair of low-power binoculars, used to get a better view of stage performers.
opera hat a man's collapsible top hat.
opera house a theater, esp. one in which operas are performed.
opera seria eighteenth-century Italian dramatic opera, characterized by frequent arias and classical or mythological themes.
soap opera a melodramatic serialized drama, usu. broadcast on daytime television or radio.