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day in, day out every day without change; continuously over an indefinite number of days.
die out to gradually disappear; fade. [2 definitions]
dig out to find by searching.
dim-out the dimming or restricted use of light at night, as in a city or on a ship in order to be less visible to enemy aircraft.
dine out to eat dinner away from one's home.
dish it out to give out criticism or harsh treatment in a heartless manner.
dish out to give out; supply.
down and out without money, friends, or hope.
down-and-out without money, friends, or hope.
drag out to prolong; protract.
draw out to make last longer.
drop out to quit; stop participating.
drown out to cover up the sound of with a louder sound.
drum out to discharge or drive out for reprehensible behavior.
dry out to lose the moisture that is inside. [3 definitions]
duke it out to fight with fists until one person wins or a matter is settled.
ease out to cause (someone) to resign in the most gentle or persuasive way possible and without publicizing the fact.
eat out to have dinner at a restaurant, as opposed to eating at home.
edge out to force out, defeat, or overcome by a small margin.
empty out to become empty. [3 definitions]