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carrier pigeon a pigeon trained to return to its home base, esp. one used to carry messages from outposts; homing pigeon. [2 definitions]
clay pigeon a clay disk used as a target in trapshooting.
homing pigeon a kind of pigeon that is trained to return to its home roost, and that can deliver messages over long distances.
passenger pigeon a formerly common variety of North American pigeon, which has been extinct since the early twentieth century.
pigeon breast a deformity of the human chest occurring as a result of certain diseases, such as rickets, that is characterized by a sharply protruding breastbone.
pigeon drop a swindle wherein a person gives over personal money in response to a fraudulent promise that such funds will bring large returns or profit.
pigeon hawk a small falcon that is closely related to the European merlin.
pigeon pea a kind of tropical pea plant that bears vivid yellow flowers. [2 definitions]
pigeon-hearted lacking boldness or courage; shy or meek.
pigeon-toed having toes or feet pointing inward instead of straight ahead.
stool pigeon pigeon set out as a decoy. [2 definitions]