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bristlecone pine a small pine growing at high altitudes in the western United States that is the longest-lived conifer known, some specimens being over four thousand years old.
jack pine an evergreen tree of Canada and the northern United States, having short twisted needles in pairs, woody cones, and soft wood used for paper.
Jeffrey pine a tall pine tree of the northwestern United States, having long, blue-green needles and elongated cones.
knotty pine pine wood with many knots, used esp. for paneling and furniture.
loblolly pine a pine tree, common in the southern United States, bearing long needles in pairs or trios.
lodgepole pine a Rocky Mountain pine tree, or the wood of this tree, used in construction.
Norway pine the red pine.
pine cone the scaly conical fruit, or cone, of a pine tree.
pine needle the needle-shaped leaf of a pine tree.
pine nut the sweet, edible, nutlike seed of certain pines that grow chiefly in the southwestern United States and Mexico; pignolia.
pine siskin a small brown North American finch with yellow marks on its tail and wings, often found in pine woods.
pine straw the dried fallen needles of a pine tree.
pine tar a thick, blackish brown liquid obtained from the airless decomposition of pine wood, used in roofing compounds, paints, disinfectants, and expectorants.
pine warbler a small, yellow and greenish songbird found esp. in pine woods of the eastern United States.
pitch pine any of various pine trees cultivated as a source of pitch or turpentine.
ponderosa pine a tall yellow pine of western North America. [2 definitions]
Scotch pine a hardy pine, native to Europe and Asia, that is grown for lumber and as a Christmas tree.
sugar pine a tall pine tree of the northwestern United States, having sugarlike resin, large cones, and soft, reddish brown wood used for timber.
white pine a pine of eastern North America that has needles in bundles of five and soft, light wood. [2 definitions]
yellow pine any of several North American pines with strong, yellowish wood. [2 definitions]