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American plan a system by which hotels charge a fixed rate for room, meals, and service. (Cf. European plan.)
city planning the study or practice of creating plans for the use of land and space in a city, including the development and location of roads, parks, residential and business areas, hospitals, stadiums, and the like.
European plan a hotel rate that covers the room and services, but not meals. (Cf. American plan.)
family planning a program designed to limit the size of a household by properly spacing or preventing the birth of children.
floor plan a scale drawing of a room or one floor of a building, as seen from above.
game plan a strategy or course of action planned before a game of sport, esp. football. [2 definitions]
ground plan a floor plan of a building. [2 definitions]
installment plan a credit system, esp. in the United States, by which consumer goods can be paid for in installments.
Keogh plan a financial retirement plan, similar to an IRA, for self-employed persons and for the owners and employees of unincorporated businesses.
layaway plan a method of purchasing in which a buyer makes a down payment on an item but does not take possession of it until the entire price has been paid, usu. in subsequent regular installments.
plan ahead to make a plan that prepares oneself for future events and possibilities.
plan position indicator a circular radarscope that displays signals at radial distances from the center, which represents the transmitter's location.