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castor-oil plant a large tropical plant, native to Africa and Asia, from whose seeds castor oil is extracted.
century plant a desert agave, once believed to flower only once in a century, with fleshy leaves and a very tall stem on which greenish flowers appear every ten to twenty years.
Chinese lantern plant a perennial plant grown for its orange, lantern-shaped, inflated seed casings; winter ground cherry.
gas plant see "dittany."
jade plant a popular thick-leaved houseplant that is native to South Africa and Asia.
oyster plant see salsify.
pitcher plant any of various plants bearing slippery, pitcherlike leaves that contain enzymes to digest trapped insects.
plant louse an aphid, or any of various related insects.
plant medicine a traditional practice in which herbs and plant extracts are used to treat disease; herbal medicine. [3 definitions]
power plant a complex of buildings, machinery, and equipment where electrical power is generated from another energy source, such as moving water, burning coal, or nuclear reactions.
resurrection plant any of several plants, such as the rose of Jericho, that curl up during dry periods and expand and become green again when they get water.
rubber plant any of several plants that yield a milky sap from which crude rubber can be coagulated. [2 definitions]
seed plant any plant that bears seeds; spermatophyte.
sensitive plant a tropical American plant, related to the mimosa, that bears tiny purple flowers in clusters and has leaflets that fold together at even a slight touch. [2 definitions]
spider plant a plant of the lily family, with long, narrow, sometimes white-streaked leaves, commonly grown as a houseplant.
umbrella plant a grasslike aquatic African plant with a triangular stem crowned by an umbrellalike growth of leaves and green spikelets.
water plant a plant that lives submerged in water or that has its roots in or under water.