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asking price the price or cost of an item for sale (used by a seller usu. to indicate a willingness to accept less money after bargaining).
list price the price of merchandise as listed in a catalog, price list, or advertisement.
market price the price for which a commodity, security, or piece of merchandise sells in a given market; prevailing price.
off-price designating the retail stores or outlets that sell name brands and other high-quality merchandise at a discount. [2 definitions]
price control a government's setting of limits on the prices of basic goods and services, usu. done as a means to fight inflation.
price fixing the setting of prices at a certain level, esp. by competitors colluding to keep prices high.
price index a number indicating the percentage change in the prices of certain basic goods and services, relative to prices at a particular time in the past.
price oneself out of the market to charge so much money for goods or services that one loses customers.
price support the maintenance of certain price levels by means of public subsidy or by government surplus purchasing.
price war a situation in which competitive businesses lower their prices, often repeatedly, usu. attempting to drive each other out of business.
price-earnings ratio the ratio of the price of a share of a company's stock to the company's per-share annual earnings, usu. expressed as a single number; P/E ratio.
sticker price the retail price designated by the manufacturer, as for a new automobile, which is customarily discounted before sale.