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President Pro Tempore the second-highest ranking officer of the Senate, elected by the members of the Senate and customarily the most senior member of the majority party, who, in the absence of the Vice President, officially presides over the Senate chamber.
pro bono of or indicating services, as by a lawyer or doctor, that are provided without payment for poor people, charitable organizations, or the like.
pro bono publico (Latin) for the public good.
pro forma (Latin) for form; done only as a matter of form or for the sake of appearance.
pro patria (Latin) for one's country.
pro rata in proportion; proportionately.
pro tem abbreviation of "pro tempore" (Latin); for the time being; temporarily.
pro tempore (Latin) for a time; for the time being; temporarily. [2 definitions]
pro-choice holding the view that women have the right choose whether to continue with a pregnancy or terminate it.
pro-life holding the view that abortion to end a pregnancy is morally wrong.
quid pro quo (Latin) one thing in return for another.
turn pro to become a professional at some activity, usu. a sport, that one formerly engaged in as an amateur or for pleasure.