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beat (someone) to the punch to seize an opportunity before (someone else).
center punch a pointed tool used in metalworking to mark and indent the place where metal is to be drilled.
hole punch a tool for making small, round holes in paper, often used in order to fit paper into a ring binder; hole puncher.
key punch a machine, operated from a keyboard, that punches holes in cards or tape used in certain data processing systems.
planter's punch a chilled drink made of rum, lemon or lime juice, soda or water, and sugar.
pleased as Punch very pleased or gratified.
punch a time clock to work at a job that requires strict adherence to a certain number of hours to be worked.
punch bowl a large bowl in which punch, lemonade, or the like is mixed and served, esp. with a ladle. [2 definitions]
punch card a card with a pattern of holes punched in it representing information that can be stored, retrieved, or processed mechanically, electrically, or photoelectrically.
punch in to record the time of arrival for work, esp. by pressing a card into a device called a time clock.
punch line the phrase or sentence that contains the point of a joke.
punch out to record the time of ending work, esp. by pressing a card into a device called a time clock.
punch press a power-driven press used to shape metal by hammering or stamping.
Punch-and-Judy show a puppet show consisting of slapstick humor in which the grotesque and quarrelsome Punch constantly fights with his wife Judy.
punch-drunk having or showing signs of brain damage, esp. from repeated punches to the head suffered in boxing. [2 definitions]
rabbit punch a short, sharp punch to the back of the neck.
sucker punch a quick, unexpected blow or punch.
sucker-punch to strike (someone) with a quick, unexpected blow.
Sunday punch a boxer's strongest punch. [2 definitions]