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first quarter the phase of the moon's reflection of sunlight that occurs when the right half of the moon, as seen from the Northern Hemisphere, is radiant, about one week after the new moon.
last quarter the time of month between the second half-moon and the new moon. [2 definitions]
quarter day any of the four days of the year that are regarded as beginning a new season or quarter and on which quarterly payments are due.
quarter horse any of a breed of saddle horses developed for quarter-mile racing and favored for their quickness, strength, and versatility.
quarter note in music, a note whose duration is one fourth that of a whole note.
quarter section a unit of area equal to one fourth of a section, one fourth of a square mile, or 160 acres, used in dividing land into square parcels.
quarter sessions an English local court, held quarterly, that has civil and criminal jurisdiction for all but the most serious crimes. [2 definitions]
quarter tone in music, an interval equal to one half of a semitone.
quarter-hour a period of fifteen minutes. [2 definitions]
three-quarter time a musical meter having three quarter notes or their equivalent in each measure; three-four time.