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at any rate in any case; at all events. [2 definitions]
bank rate the standard rate of discount that is established by a central bank or banks.
credit rating a rating of the worthiness of an individual or company to be extended credit, based on previous repayment of debts, financial stability, and the like.
cut-rate available at a reduced price; cheap. [2 definitions]
death rate the number of deaths per unit of time for a given area or group.
exchange rate the price of one currency in terms of another, yielding a ratio at which money of one country can be exchanged for money of another country.
first-rate of the highest quality; excellent.
heart rate the number of times the heart beats in one minute, esp. as a measure of how hard the heart is working during physical exercise or emotional stress; pulse.
interest rate the rate at which interest is paid. An interest rate is expressed as a percent.
octane rating see "octane number."
rate of exchange see "exchange rate."
rediscount rate the rate of interest a member bank pays to borrow money from the Federal Reserve Bank, using top grade commercial paper as collateral.
second-rate of a somewhat inferior quality or rank.
tax rate the percentage of income, property value, or the like that is to be paid as tax.
third-rate of third rate, class, or the like. [2 definitions]