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Cherokee rose a climbing, thornless rose that bears large white fragrant flowers.
damask rose a fragrant pink Asian rose that is an ancestor of hybrid roses and whose oil is often used as a source for attar.
dog rose a prickly European wild rose that bears pink flowers.
moss rose see "portulaca."
multiflora rose a variety of rose shrub bearing thick clusters of small flowers and used for hedges.
musk rose a rose of the Mediterranean region, bearing white, musk-scented flowers.
old rose a grayish or purplish red color.
rose acacia a shrub found in the southern United States that has brittle, prickling branches and bears clusters of large, rose-colored flowers.
rose chafer a long-legged gray beetle that feeds on and damages roses and other plants; rose bug; rose beetle.
rose fever a form of hay fever that occurs in spring or early summer as an allergic reaction to rose pollen.
rose geranium any of several geraniums that bear small pink or rose-colored flowers and are grown for their fragrant leaves, used in flavorings and perfumes.
rose hip the fruit of the rose plant, which contains several smaller fruitlets and is usu. red in color.
rose mallow any of several plants related to mallow, esp. a tall North American marsh species that has downy leaves and bears large, showy, white or pink flowers.
rose of Jericho a fernlike desert plant of Asia that curls up tightly in dry conditions and expands again in moist ones.
rose of Sharon a tall, hardy shrub or small tree that bears bright bell-shaped flowers of pink, purple, or white. [2 definitions]
rose oil an essential oil obtained from roses; attar of roses.
rose quartz a pink or rose-colored variety of quartz, used as a gemstone.
rose water a tincture of water with attar of roses, used in perfume, cosmetics, and cooking.
rose window a circular window, usu. with stained glass panes and a radiating, rose-shaped tracery in a symmetrical pattern around the center.
rose-breasted grosbeak a North American grosbeak, the male of which has a triangular, rosy patch on the breast.