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lag screw a heavy wood screw with a hexagonal or square bolt head that is turned by a wrench.
micrometer screw a very finely threaded screw that is used in micrometers to give extremely fine measurements, esp. of thickness.
screw bean a mesquite tree of the southwestern United States that bears spirally twisted pods. [2 definitions]
screw eye a screw with a loop or eyelet for a head.
screw hook a screw with an elongated head in the shape of a hook.
screw propeller two or more blades mounted on a hub so that, when rotated, they push air or water backward to give an aircraft or ship forward thrust; propeller.
screw thread the continuous helical ridge or groove on the outer surface of a screw or the inner surface of a nut.
screw up (slang) to do (something) very badly; make a mess of; botch.
screwup (slang) a bad mistake. [2 definitions]
wood screw a sharply pointed screw designed to be used in wood.