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eared seal any of a family of seals, including fur seals and sea lions, with powerful front flippers, and hind flippers that permit locomotion on land.
earless seal any of a family of seals with inconspicuous ears, short front flippers, and rudimentary hind flippers that are best adapted for swimming.
fur seal any of several eared seals whose thick underfur is valued for making coats and the like.
great seal the chief seal of a government or state, used to stamp official documents.
harp seal a migratory seal of arctic regions, whose young have white, woolly fur.
Hudson seal muskrat fur that is dyed and sheared to look like seal.
privy seal in Great Britain, an official seal placed on government documents.
seal brown a dark rich brown color.
seal ring a signet ring.
Solomon's seal a mystic symbol consisting of two equilateral triangles interlaced so as to form a hexagram. [2 definitions]