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balance sheet a financial statement of an individual's or business's assets and liabilities on a given date.
ice sheet a thick layer of ice covering a large area for an extended period of time.
scandal sheet a newspaper or other publication that specializes in gossip and sensational stories, esp. concerning celebrities.
scratch sheet a racing publication listing the horses removed from races that day, and other pertinent information such as betting odds; dope sheet.
sheet anchor a large spare anchor, carried for use in an emergency. [2 definitions]
sheet bend a knot that joins two ropes or the like by passing the end of one around and through a bight in the other.
sheet lightning lightning reflected and diffused, often by a distant thunderstorm, that flashes like a sheet of light in the sky.
sheet metal metal that has been rolled into thin sheets or plates.
sheet music music printed on loose or unbound sheets of paper.
tear sheet a page torn from a magazine or the like, often used to prove to an advertiser that an advertisement was indeed published.
time sheet a sheet of paper on which an employee's work hours are recorded.
winding sheet a cloth in which a corpse is wrapped for burial; shroud.