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consonant shift a historical change or linked series of changes in the sound of consonants in a language or language family.
functional shift a temporary or permanent change in the grammatical function of a word, such as the use of the noun "fax" as a verb in "We'll fax it to you".
graveyard shift (informal) a work shift that extends through the early morning hours, often beginning at midnight. [2 definitions]
Great Vowel Shift a series of shifts in English vowel sounds that took place from the fifteenth to the eighteenth century and changed the vowel system of Middle English into that of Modern English.
red shift the tendency of light waves from distant luminous bodies such as galaxies to decrease in frequency with movement away from the observer. (See Doppler effect.)
split shift a work shift with two or more work periods divided by longer-than-usual breaks.
stick shift a manually operated automobile gearshift; manual transmission.
swing shift (informal) the work shift between the day and the night shifts, usu. beginning in the middle of the afternoon and ending at midnight, or the group of workers on this shift.