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soft chancre a chancroid.
soft coal see "bituminous coal."
soft drink a nonalcoholic beverage, esp. one that is carbonated; soda or soda pop.
soft goods merchandise that lasts for a limited time, esp. textile products; dry goods.
soft landing the controlled landing of a spacecraft without damage.
soft palate the movable fold of flesh at the rear of the roof of the mouth that closes off the nasal cavity from the mouth during swallowing or sucking; velum.
soft pedal a pedal, as on a piano, used to soften musical tones.
soft sell an indirect, subtle, and relaxed style of advertising or selling.
soft shoulder an unpaved strip of earth running alongside a road.
soft soap liquid or semiliquid soap. [2 definitions]
soft wheat a wheat that has a high starch content and yields a flour used in pastries, cereals, and the like. (Cf. hard wheat.)
soft-boiled of an egg, boiled so that the yolk or white remains soft. (Cf. hard-boiled.) [2 definitions]
soft-cover a book bound in a flexible cover, esp. of paper; paperback. [2 definitions]
soft-hearted having a compassionate and generous spirit; sympathetic.
soft-pedal to use the pedal on a piano that mutes the tone. [3 definitions]
soft-shell of a crab or other animal, having a flexible, fragile, or unhardened shell. [2 definitions]
soft-shoe of or designating a type of tap dancing done without metal taps on the shoes. [2 definitions]
soft-soap (informal) to cajole, flatter, or curry favor with. [2 definitions]
soft-spoken of a person, speaking with a soft or mild voice. [2 definitions]