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cast steel steel shaped by casting rather than rolling or forging.
chromium steel a very strong steel that contains chromium.
crucible steel a high-grade steel smelted in a crucible or fused from flux, wrought iron, and carbon, and used to make knives, tools, and dies.
Damascus steel hand-wrought steel, used esp. for sword blades, that is made by repeated folding and welding, thereby creating a pattern of wavy lines; damask steel.
damask steel see "Damascus steel."
pedal steel an electrified steel guitar mounted on legs and equipped with pedals that provide added modulations of pitch.
stainless steel an alloy of steel and chromium, which is resistant to rust and corrosion.
steel band a musical group, of a type originating in Trinidad, whose instruments are chiefly steel oil drums cut to varying heights.
steel blue a metallic blue-gray color.
steel drum a West Indian percussion instrument traditionally made from a metal oil barrel. A steel drum has a bowl-like shape, and different notes are produced by striking distinct indented areas within the bowl.
steel gray a dark bluish gray color.
steel guitar a type of electric guitar with raised metal strings that is played by plucking while pressing a steel bar against the strings.
steel mill a factory in which steel is made and processed; steelworks.
steel wool a ball or pad made of fine threadlike steel shavings, that is used for cleaning and polishing.
tungsten steel an alloy of steel and tungsten, having great hardness and high resistance to heat.
vanadium steel a steel alloy that contains vanadium to harden and strengthen it.