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straight angle an angle of 180 degrees.
straight away at this very moment; immediately.
straight chair an unupholstered chair with a straight back, often with straight legs and arms.
straight face a facial expression showing no emotion, esp. one concealing a desire to laugh.
straight flush a poker hand of five cards of the same suit in sequence, ranking above all other hands.
straight man an actor or entertainer who serves as a comedian's foil, usu. delivering lines to which the comedian responds with a joke.
straight pin a pin made of a piece of stiff steel wire about one or two inches long, with a sharp point at one end and a small head at the other, used chiefly in sewing.
straight razor a razor with a single stiff steel blade that folds into a handle.
straight ticket in U.S. politics, a ballot on which a voter has voted for candidates of only one party. (Cf. split ticket.)
straight time the standard or customary number of work hours established for a particular work setting. [2 definitions]
straight-arm to keep (a sports opponent, esp. a football tackler) away from oneself by holding one's arm out straight; stiff-arm. [2 definitions]
straight-laced variant of strait-laced.
straight-out thoroughgoing, complete, or total. [2 definitions]
strait-laced tightly bound by morality, convention, or received opinion; strict or prudish.