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bait-and-switch a sales tactic in which a seller attracts customers by advertising at a bargain price one item that is often out of stock, and then diverts their attention by encouraging them to buy another item at a higher price. [2 definitions]
cutoff switch a device that turns off a machine by stopping the flow of electricity.
light switch part of a light that you move to turn it on or off, or a device on a wall that you can use in the same way.
power switch a device used to open or close an electric connection.
switch off to stop the flow of electricity to something.
switch on to start the flow of electricity to something.
switch-hitter a baseball player who is able to bat either left-handed or right-handed. [2 definitions]
toggle switch a switch in which a projecting lever is moved through a small arc by means of a toggle joint to open or close an electric circuit.