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Boston Tea Party a protest by colonial Americans against the British tax on imported tea in which colonists disguised as Indians boarded ships in Boston Harbor and dumped several hundred chests of tea overboard on the night of December 16, 1773.
cambric tea a drink of hot water, milk, sugar, and a little tea, usu. given to children.
cup of tea someone or something that is particularly well liked by or well suited to one (often used in the negative to express dislike).
green tea tea made from leaves that were not allowed to ferment before being heated.
herbal tea a beverage or health tonic made from steeping dried herbs in boiling water and served in a similar manner to tea made with tea leaves. Herbal tea may also be made with added dried fruit and spice and generally does not contain caffeine.
one's cup of tea exactly the type of thing that one prefers or enjoys; something that suits one perfectly.
Paraguay tea see "maté."
tea bag a small porous bag that holds approximately one teaspoonful of tea, usu. used to make an individual serving of hot tea.
tea ball a hollow, perforated metal ball in which tea leaves are placed to be immersed and steeped in boiling water.
tea cozy a padded, insulating covering for a teapot.
tea party a small social gathering, usu. held in the late afternoon, at which tea and other refreshments are served.
tea rose a species of Chinese rose that bears fragrant yellow or pink flowers.
tea service a set of matching china or silver dishes used for preparing and serving tea or coffee.
tea towel (chiefly British) a small towel used in the kitchen primarily for drying dishes.
tea tray a small tray for serving tea or other light refreshments.
tea wagon a small wheeled table for serving tea; tea cart.