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Bedlington terrier one of a breed of dog that has a blue or reddish brown thick fleecy coat, and that resembles a lamb when groomed.
Boston terrier an American terrier originally crossbred from a bulldog and a bull terrier, with a pug face, erect ears, short tail, and a short brindle or black coat with white markings on the face, chest, and forelegs.
bull terrier any of a breed of dog developed as a cross between the bulldog and the terrier, having a short, light-colored coat.
fox terrier one of two breeds of English terriers with long lean heads, formerly trained to drive foxes from their holes.
Irish terrier a large terrier with a thick, wiry, reddish brown coat.
Kerry blue terrier any of a breed of small dog with a long, narrow head, a soft, wavy bluish gray coat, and an erect, docked tail.
Lakeland terrier one of a breed of small, squarely built terriers with a hard, wiry coat.
Norwich terrier any of a breed of short-legged terriers with a wiry coat and erect ears.
Scotch terrier see Scottish terrier.
Scottish terrier one of a breed of small terrier that originated in Scotland, with short legs, a blunt square muzzle, erect ears, and a dark wiry coat.
Sealyham terrier one of a Welsh breed of small terrier that has short legs, a squarish muzzle, and a wiry white coat.
Welsh terrier a Welsh breed of terrier having a wiry black and tan coat and resembling a small Airedale.
Yorkshire terrier an English breed of toy terrier having a long coat of silky fur that is bluish gray on the body and tan on the head and chest.