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electroconvulsive therapy see electroshock therapy.
electroshock therapy in psychiatry, a form of therapy in which electrical currents are passed through the brain.
group therapy psychotherapy that uses group discussions of common problems, feelings, and the like as a method of treatment, usu. under the guidance of a therapist.
occupational therapy therapy consisting of work designed to provide mental diversion or a creative outlet, exercise to heal or correct a physical deficiency or injury, or training in vocational skills.
physical therapy the treatment of disease and injury by physical and mechanical means, such as exercise, heat, ultraviolet or infrared light, hydrotherapy, or massage, rather than by drugs; physiotherapy.
primal therapy a psychological treatment in which the patient is encouraged to express the violent emotions of infancy by crying, screaming, shouting, or the like.
radium therapy the treatment of disease, esp. cancer, by means of radium.
self-therapy combined form of therapy.
shock therapy a method of treating certain mental disorders by electric shock or drugs; electroconvulsive therapy; shock treatment.
speech therapy treatment of speech and language disorders of either physical or cognitive origins.